Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Larson Project

This experiment will entail changing the DNA inside of two Maxis characters, twins Jason and Jodi Larson that came packaged with Open For Business. I have not played them because, well, they are too plain. Take a look.

As you can see, Jason is pretty middle of the road. He has the Maxis blue eyes, black hair, and medium skintone. Nothing exciting there. Let's look at his sister Jodie.

While she is his twin, she is a little different. She has light skintone.

I will attempt to change the skintone in the very core of these two Sims so their offspring will be...umm....different. Let's get started.

This handy dandy lil' bush is gonna be quite useful. It is a teleporter bush. We are going to use it to summons Maxis Townies to the Larson lot since I can't wait around for my desired subjects just to come walking by. I summons Goopy.

Goopy is probably one of the most disrespected Townie in this game. Jodie finds him especially hunky. Since this is an experiement, and since I can't wait around for pregnancies....Jodie is boolpropped a Goopy baby with the Tombstone of Life and Death.

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As you can see, there is nothing exciting about Goopy's DNA.

Christie Stratton is summoned for Jason. They should make nice babies.

Nothing out of the ordinary going on here either. Ummm..except she is really a redhead. Looks like she dyed her hair brown. Christie is boolpropped a baby with Jason after moving her into the household.

Here we go. Jodie's first bump.

In the mean time, it looks like these two are getting along pretty well.

Boolpropping a quick pregnancy, little Jamie is born. A Girl. ( took Jodie giving birth three times getting the skintone to show. After all, it was a recessive buried...somewhere...) OH My! How did she end up looking like that? Here are her grow up pictures.




Adult - DNA Stats - She still has some of the goofy facial features from Goopy. You know she is his kid. Look at her skintones, and her hair. All little of both mom or dad's. But how? The parents have boring Maxis genes. Let's check in on Jason on Christie.

Christie is showing her pregnancy.

Woah! A green baby with a pretty facial tatoo!

Meet Natasha.

As a child, Natasha figgers she's gonna go swimming

Teen picture. Very pretty.

As an adult, Natasha figgers she gonna go bowling. Notice she carries Christie's red hair as recessive. :) The hair that is showing as dominate must be Grayson Pixie's custom hair. ????? Since she is female, she couldn't actually have is show. how was this done? Sims born with custom content from Maxis Sims that have none? Well, it was done with fiddling with the package file of the Sims. I used SimPE. Now, I followed a tutorial to do it, making my own changes along the way.

Many thanks to deminjo for writing the original tutorial. It is posted at MTS2. If you want to read the orginal, it is here.


This tutorial is written using the Glamour Life version of SimPE. As always, BACK UP YOUR HOOD BEFORE MAKING CHANGES. I will not be responsible for your hood getting blown to smithereens.

1. I created a sample couple in CAS using the custom skintones I wanted Jodie and Jason to pass on, and I left them in the SimBin.

Meet Danielle and Grayson Pixie. I did this to make it easier to locate the custom skintones I wanted to use. You will see why later on.

2. Open SimPE, and open the hood you want to change via the neighborhood browser. Let it load completely.

3. In the upper left hand pane of SimPE under Resource Tree, choose Sim Description. The right hand pane will now have a list of everyone in your hood.

4. Scroll through the list on the right and find the Sim that carries the skintone you want to copy into the Sim whom you want to reproduce it. IE - I wanted Jason to carry the green skintone from Grayson Pixie as a recessive. So I brought up Grayson. I needed to copy his info. Once you have found the prefered Sim, click on his/her file. Their info loads into the bottom window.

5. Click on the "More" icon clear to the right, and choose "Open Sim DNA". You will see something like this:

As you can see, all of Grayson's info is listed. Hair, eyes, and skintone.

6. Copy and paste each line one by one into a notepad file, and keep them in order. You will need to refer to them later. Note there is a top and a bottom. They work differently.

7. Now open the Sim the same way that you want to carry the desired DNA.

8. Refer to your notepad. Copy and paste over each line to the Sim you now have open.

9. Here is the difference between the top and bottom of the DNA list. If you want your Sim to only CARRY the desired DNA as recessive, then change ONLY the bottom part of the list. If you want to actually change his outward appearance, then you will change the top as well. Commit, and save the package file.

I changed only the bottom payne for Jodie and Jason so they remained looking the same, and carried the Pixie skins as a recessive.

You are done. Open the game and commence playing. Your Sim now carries the special custom content as a recessive gene. The first baby they have may not carry it outwardly. I had to make Jodie give birth 3 times before it showed up. Christie's first baby had it.

Have fun, ya'll...I can see it now.....tons of Maxis townies now all of a sudden being interesting to play...



Howdy. I experiment with The Sims 2 quite often, namely their looks. It is not enough that I mess with skintones, eyes and hair of Sims I make. Now I must change Sims that are alreay created in the game. Here is where I will chronicle my what I do. Thanks.

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